Creating the Purr-fect Cat Nap

Creating the Purr-fect Cat Nap
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It’s common knowledge that cats love a good nap. If you have a cat, there is probably a cozy nook or a soft blanket that has been chosen as a cat bed in your apartment. You probably know what your cat considers to be the “perfect spot” in your apartment to curl up. You can upgrade your Charlottesville apartment with variety and options that will make your space even more “nap friendly”! Here are some of our suggestions to help you make your apartment the purr-fect place for a little “cat nap”.

Unpack a delivery and set the cardboard box aside, and you’re bound to find your kitty in the box, even if it is too small for him! A simple cardboard box can provide a disposable bed/play area for your cat. Cats like to scratch and chew cardboard, which keeps them from destroying your furniture by giving them a better alternative. Cardboard also stores your cat’s scent, making him feel more comfortable and secure. When the box starts to look ragged, just throw it away and start over with a new box. Add a soft blanket and you have a washable bed that’s perfectly suited to young cats and kittens.

Charlottesville Apartment Cat PerchIf you live with a fashionable feline, there are several designer cat scratchers that look stylish in your Charlottesville apartment and help you spoil your cat. These attractive modern shapes are perfect for lounging and napping and prevent your cat from scratching furniture or covering your couch with fur. These smooth curves and striking, modern shapes allow your cat to enjoy scratching without interfering with your living room design. Some of our favorites include:

Cat Scratcher Couch

Cat Scratcher Lounger

Modern Designer Removable Modular Kitty Cat Scratcher Lounger

For most cats, window watching is a favorite pastime. Add a cat perch to her favorite window for a luxurious place where she can watch the outside world. Hanging a bird feeder outside the window gives her “kitty TV” to entertain her while she lounges. There are quite a few damage-free perches available – this is one of our favorites:

Sunny Seat Window Bed

Charlottesville Apartment Cat FurnitureGet creative by placing beds for your cat in interesting places. Install a kitty hammock under the seat of a dining chair, or under the desk where you work. If your cat enjoys climbing, place beds in elevated locations – on top of a refrigerator or a wardrobe – so that he can nap “above the action”.

Modern designer cat trees are an attractive way to create a place for cats who like to watch guests without interacting with them. If your cat prefers to be the center of attention, try designer cat furniture – we love the Refined Kitty Ball Cat Bed because it looks great in your living room while providing a versatile space for your cat.

Indulge your designer dreams and spoil your cat with the luxe textures that are currently trending in modern home decor: fleece, faux fur, velvet, crochet, and other textured blankets may appeal to your cat as much as they appeal to your sense of style. Washable blankets are easy to clean when they become coated with fur, and a blanket is ideal for snuggling or hiding beneath.

Creating the perfect nap niche for your cat is fun and rewarding, and may even inspire you to update your Charlottesville apartment decor. Have fun and remember to make time for a little “cat nap” with your favorite feline.