Sticks and Stones: Apartment Furnishing for 2019

Sticks and Stones: Apartment Furnishing for 2019
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One of the easiest ways to update your apartment style (without losing your security deposit) is to update your furniture! Modern styles allow you to express your personality in your living room with a wide variety of affordable, functional designs. Simple accents and pops of color can make your apartment feel like a brand new space!

Our favorite trend for 2019 is the use of throwback textures and textiles – chintz patterns, velvet upholstery, crochet pillows, and handmade quilts can add bright, modern color accents and textures without breaking the bank. Look for bold, bright colors that will dress up your existing furniture and add interest to your sofa.

Interior design is taking a new look at the traditional sofa-centered living rooms, favoring statement pieces, especially those boasting soft curves. These gentle slopes of shadow create moody rooms and intriguing nooks for potted plants and accent tables. When curved pieces are upholstered in trendy velvet, the effect is lush and inviting.

Charlottesville Apartment FurnitureNewer homes are eschewing with the sofa altogether, opting instead for chair groupings of four or more. This is especially appealing in smaller spaces and for those who enjoy entertaining, allowing seating to accommodate guests as needed. Chair grouping also allows you to change your space frequently, rather than being chained to a layout that is dictated by a heavy sofa.

Living room style in 2019 is obsessed with texture: in addition to your vintage crochet throw, find some fuzzy pillows, a terrazzo-topped table, a chrome lamp, and an art deco rug with a wild pattern and a contrasting piece of abstract art. Conflicting textures that find harmony in tone, color, and theme create an artistic space that entertains the eye and sizzles with energy.

Apartment Furniture in CharlottesvilleTo fully update your living room, you have to think about your guests and how to make them comfortable in your space. Put your seating and tables in thoughtful spaces where it will be easy for guests to access an outlet to charge their phones without making a fuss. Some tables and lamps feature USB outlets where a phone could be charged discretely. You can even find chairs and sofas with chargers built-in.

In Charlottesville, you can find shop the new trends at Classic Furniture, Pigment, and Pottery Barn. Don’t forget to check your local consignment shops for authentic accents, and stop by C’ville Arts downtown for some great art.

Update your apartment with pieces you’ll love today and tomorrow – and save the hassle of paint!