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Charlottesville Named in Top 10 Most Giving Cities in US

Charlottesville Named in Top 10 Most Giving Cities in U.S.

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Tuesday was considered Giving Tuesday across the United States, and according to a study done by Smart Asset, Charlottesville is listed number four out of the top 10 cities that are considered the most giving.

The study, from Smart Asset, says Charlottesville on average donates $9,037 toward charitable contributions. Volunteers also tend to give more than 103 hours of their time.

Brennan Gould, the president and CEO of the Charlottesville Community Foundation, said she isn’t surprised. The foundation helps fund hundreds of nonprofits in the area.

“We’re extremely fortunate to live in a community that has such a spirit of generosity and volunteerism and a long legacy of that as well,” said Gould. “We see through the work that we do at the Community Foundation, a number of individuals and families and nonprofit organizations who are thinking about how they can best give of themselves and of their resources to make this a thriving place for everyone.”

She said there is still work to be done though.

“There are some of our neighbors and friends who are living in the margins,” said Gould. “Who are not able to prosper and experience economic mobility and opportunity, to have their needs met in terms of their health and their housing, particularly as we go into this holiday season. There’s a lot of reasons to be thinking about how our community can continue to serve the needs of our neighbors and friends.”

Gould said Charlottesville needs to continue its progress by listening to marginalized groups and connecting with them.

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