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Charlottesville Apartment Community

Five Reasons to Love Apartment Living

Apartment life has recently become more popular than ever, and it’s easy to understand why. There are so many ways that the right apartment community can make your life better and more enjoyable. Most people are aware of the financial and career advantages that living in an apartment community can create, but you may not realize that an apartment in Charlottesville can actually help you to live a better, happier, more comfortable life in ways beyond simply obtaining a better bottom line.


The right apartment community offers you a lifestyle that very few people afford if as homeowners. Amenities including fitness centers and swimming pools provide benefits that only the very wealthy have access to within their homes. Well-appointed apartment clubhouses have the unexpected benefit of providing access to beautifully decorated living spaces that might not be used except when entertaining if they were part of a traditional home. Rather than cleaning your gorgeous living room every week even though you only use it a few times a year, you can have a billiards room, a place to watch sports on a movie size TV screen, and meet friends or coworkers in beautiful entertaining and meeting spaces that are available when you need them, maintenance-free when you don’t.

Outdoor Living

The same is true for outdoor spaces in your apartment community. Impeccably groomed grounds are cared for without you being involved in the hassle of mowing, weeding, watering, and leaf removal. Children can play in delightful, large playgrounds and make the most of stunning jungle gyms without you needing to travel to a park or to install or maintain an elaborate playset. Nearby walking trails and dog parks don’t require you to take care of a fence or worry about sidewalks and snow clearing. And in the right community, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful areas in your city without adhering to strict yard maintenance rules.

Home Maintenance

Maintenance Free Charlottesville ApartmentOne of the best parts of apartment life is the ability to trust apartment management services to care for the details of home maintenance. Your apartment is equipped with appliances that are serviced by your community management, and in a time of need, you can rely on a convenient, immediate emergency service. After all, your community manager is just as interested in protecting your apartment home as you are! Apartments also feature efficient layouts that make it easy to keep your space clean (and giving you more time to spend with family as a result). The common details that occupy a homeowner like security, parking, trash services, and recycling are addressed by the apartment community management, giving you the time and freedom to spend your time the way you choose.


The location of your apartment community can make it easy to access lifestyle options that very few residential homes can. Proximity to excellent schools gives your kids an advantage in creating a successful future, and may even give you the chance to complete a degree or pursue a new educational opportunity. Access to great shopping and recreation lets you find anything you need and enjoy the cultural advantages of your environment right outside your door. Most of all, your apartment community puts you close to a wealth of job opportunities, making it possible for you to find work you love (and maybe even walk to work)!


Charlottesville Apartment HomesThe right apartment home community provides benefits that no detached home can, keeping you connected to neighbors and friends. An apartment community is the perfect place for elderly adults to build a support network and make friends who will look out for them. Apartment communities can also be great places for kids to find friends and for parents to meet babysitters who can be available whenever needed. Your community also creates chances to meet a new workout partner at the fitness center or a pet sitter at the dog park. An apartment community that fits your life can help you to make lifelong connections with friends who share more than just an apartment community – they share your lifestyle.

The right apartment community can change your life and offer the freedom you never thought you could enjoy! Tour Lakeside Apartments today to find the right Charlottesville apartment for you!

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