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Shopping in Charlottesville VA

One of a Kind: Shopping in Charlottesville

Charlottesville apartment life has many advantages, and one of the best is the exceptional shopping nearby. Charlottesville features variety and a unique and unmatchable charm that makes shopping an adventure. The vast number of choices produces some amazing gems, places you’ll want visit often to find treasures that you’ll want in your apartment home. Below are a few of our favorites:

C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery
C’ville Arts presents an impressive variety of arts and crafts and connects visitors with artists so that they can interact. Located on the Historic Downtown Mall, the gallery displays an ever-changing selection of functional and decorative items including jewelry and accessories, photography and paintings, organic balm, sculpture, and much, much more – you’re sure to find something special for your Charlottesville apartment home.

The Virginia Shop
The Virginia Shop has been affectionately called “The Nut House” by locals thanks to the delicious Virginia roasted peanuts that made them famous, but the shop features a much wider selection of treasures. Chocolate, nuts, books, wine, locally made jams and much more will lure you back long after you overcome your “tourist” status.

Gearhart's in CharlottesvilleGearhart’s Fine Chocolates
The most rewarding part of Charlottesville apartment living is your proximity to Gearhart’s! The chocolate boutique started on Main Street before moving a few blocks away to a cafe-style location in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for their chocolates. Belgian chocolate is the focus of their elegant and creative confections. The cafe also serves other fare including coffee and hot chocolate, making it a tempting stop on your way from your Charlottesville apartment to work.

Toys are for kids, right? That’s certainly the philosophy at Shenanigans. They carefully choose toys that are highly creative, kid-friendly, and inspire children to be imaginative as they engage with the world they live in. This “old-fashioned” toy store is staffed by knowledgeable people who want to help and will wrap your purchases for you. And for those of us “kids” who still collect Playmobil, they stock an impressive collection.

Magpie Knits
Are you a “yarn nerd”? Or would you like to learn to knit? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter, Magpie Knits will inspire you with new projects and exceptional products that are a pleasure to work with. The staff is very helpful and enjoyable, and they offer great classes and events will keep you supplied with new projects.

Angelo Jewelry in Charlottesville VaAngelo Jewelry
Nationally recognized Lee Angelo Marraccini has worked for over 40 years as a jewelry artist, and when you visit their store, managed by his wife, Pam Perugi Marraccini, you’ll understand why. Contemporary designs are bold and nuanced, making a trip through his store like a trip to an art gallery.

Ten Thousand Villages
Gifts, accessories, clothing from around the world, and wonderful service from friendly staff – all of that would be enough to recommend Ten Thousand Villages, but they go a step further! This unique shop features a selection of items from more than 130 artisan groups in 38 countries, focusing on fair trade practices and well-made products. Modern, global, and affordable, this is the perfect place to find accessories, jewelry, and decorations for your Charlottesville apartment home.

The Spice Diva Emporium
Spice Diva Speciality shop in Charlottesville VaIf food is your passion, make a trip to The Spice Diva. The walls are lined to the ceiling with every herb, spice, salt, chile, and botanical you can name, and probably quite a few you have never used. Try them out on your own in your Charlottesville apartment kitchen, or let their professional chefs teach you in their Cooking School.

Hello Comics
Hello Comics is more than just another comic book store. Hello Comics promotes independent local artists and reaches out to the community to make art affordable for everyone. A wide selection of comics reflects their devotion to the philosophy that comics are for everyone. Their high-quality graphic art prints from local artists will make a bold statement in your Charlottesville apartment home!

This is just a small sample of the unique and exciting mix of shops near your Charlottesville apartment. Get out there and enjoy the adventure!

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