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Learning from your Laptop in your Charlottesville Apartment

Use Your Laptop to Learn Something New

Save money, learn a new skill for work, or find something to do without leaving your apartment – YouTube offers nearly endless opportunities to try something new! Comedian Tiffany Haddish claims that you can learn ANYTHING on YouTube, and you might be surprised to find out that she’s right! Put your laptop on the kitchen table and learn how to cook like a chef. Take a hip hop class in your living room. Paint a masterpiece right along with Bob Ross – the possibilities are infinite! Below are just a few of the many things you can learn from your laptop:

Musical Instruments

Kids’ Crafts




Canine Obedience/Agility


These are just a few of the thousands of things you can learn from online videos without attending a single class in person! Learn how to change the oil in your car or how to French braid your hair. There is a video about nearly anything you might want to learn. The next time you are searching for something to do in your apartment, consider learning something new without ever leaving home!

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